Additions and Corrections to Web Site

By: Arthur R. Seder, Jr.
On: 01/30/2004
    In light of the messages that have been posted with regard to adding aircraft names, correcting spelling, etc., I think a comment is in order from the viewpoint of those who are responsible for the 401st web site.
    First, Larry Cooper is still webmaster of the web site. He is responsible for having posted virtually all of the hundreds of items of information--missions flown, crew lists, airplane identification, Association news, photographs, etc., etc. In order to get an idea of the magnitude of his work, look at the site plan for the web site and check each of the items you see there.
    Second, neither Larry nor any other person receives any compensation for maintaining the web site. Everything that is done must be done in the spare time of individuals who have jobs and families and other responsibilities.
    Third, while there appears to be a great deal of interest in tracking down the names given to some of the airplanes and the "art work" that appeared on planes and A-2 jackets, there are higher priorities as far as updating the web site is concerned. What we hope to do in the not too distant future is to add crew photographs for many more of the crews listed on the web site. We also hope to add more information about the missions, including maps showing the location of the targets.
     We will certainly try over a period of time to make additions and corrections to the aircraft list, but other information of a more substantive nature will necessarily
be given a higher priority.  
     Art Seder
     President, 401st Bomb Group Association

Well Stated

By: Donald Byers
On: 01/30/2004

A very well stated statement.  As in Geneology you have to have the proof or you can get data that is not good entered into the family tree.

Don Byers
Lubbock Texas