Member TSgt. Denise R. Sanders, USAF

By: Jerrie Coates Sanders
On: 01/07/2004
TSgt Sanders, member and granddaughter of deceased member Lt. Jerry A. Coates, is currently on assigned duty in Iraq. She was initially deployed 2Apr03, just 90 days after returning from Afghanistan. She was at home base in Minneapolis, MN and will return to Iraq Thursday, 8Jan04. She is a AeroMedTech with the 791st EAES, Emergency Air Evacuation Squadron, tasked with caring for and returning wounded to Germany or US.

Your prayers will be appreciated.

Re: Member TSgt. Denise R. Sanders, USAF

By: Valerie Conley McAlister
On: 01/10/2004

If you would like to chat privately about this, please e-mail me.  My son, Major Paul Finfrock, grandson of SSgt Joseph J. Conley, left waist on the Careful Virgin, assigned to SOCCENT is currently in Qatar, his fourth deployment after one in Afghanistan and two in Iraq since October 2001.

We all need to pray for all of them!

Valerie Conley McAlister

Re: Member TSgt. Denise R. Sanders, USAF

By: Jerrie Sanders
On: 03/29/2004
Dear Valerie: Thanks for your response. Sorry to take so long to get back with you. I just bought a home and have been moving (seemingly forever). Denise was sent home for convalescent leave first of March. She broke her leg leaving the plane. Luckily she didn't have a patient litter in her hands! She is currently in Minneapolis for physical therapy, but is doing fine. They will probably return her to Baghdad until October, when her Orders are finished.\\Is your sone still in Qatar? I will give Denise his name. In fact, Qatar is where she broke her leg. She will return through there, probably in a few more weeks.//God bless them all. Prayers are truly in order.