614th  James Junior Huffman  Tail Gunner

By: A Huffman
On: 08/02/2001
Does anyone know my grandfather?  I am interested in talking with anyone who might have any information about my grandfather or who might have known him.  He flew 13 missions with Captain F.E. Rundell and got shot down on November 21, 1944.  I'm looking for the name of the plane, crew members, or anything having to do with him.  Any information would be appreciated. My grandfather passed away when i was 5 so i never really got to know him.  Thankyou in advance for any help.

Re: 614th  James Junior Huffman  Tail Gunner

By: Art Seder
On: 08/04/2001
Your grandfather was the waist gunner on Captain Rundell's crew, assigned to the 614th Squadron. The crew included Captain F. E. Rundell, pilot; 2nd Lt. R. E. Johnson, co-pilot; 2nd Lt. R. P. Champagne, Navigator; 2nd Lt. W. N. Shearer, Jr., bombardier; 2nd Lt. A. Currie, radar navigator; S/Sgt. A. J. Trajanowski, radio operator; T/Sgt. H. B. Mears, Engineer; T/Sgt. R. E. Lee, tail gunner; and your grandfather, J. J. Huffman, waist gunner.
    The crew flew 13 missions, mostly in B-17 No. 42-102659, named "Hard Seventeen". However, on the 13th missions, when shot down, they were flying a radar-equipped airplane that was not named.
    Group records state that "The aircraft received a direct flak hit on the No. 2 engine, which started flaming. The prop was feathered but the wing broke off and the aircraft appeared to break into pieces, falling down through the clouds." All members of the crew were listed as prisoners of war.
    Captain Rundell, who is a member of the 401st Bomb Group Association, retired as a Colonel in the USAF. His e-mail address is rundell@aol.com.

Re: 614th  James Junior Huffman  Waist Gunner

By: A Huffman
On: 08/05/2001
Thank you so much for your help.