B-17 of the 613rd Squadron

By: Inge Grondin
On: 08/01/2001
On 28th of August 2001, a memorial service will be held in Wohlsborn. In honor and memory of the 3 fallen US Soldiers They are.
2Lt. Owen H. Jorgensen
T/Sgt. John S. Spirodex
S/Sgt. Donald H. Schmidley
General Martin of the Airfoce comment in Rahmstein will be there for the ceremony. As soon as i get the pictures and more news i will anounce it all. My heros can finally rest in peace Than you Jesus

Re: B-17 of the 613rd Squadron

By: Roberta Jorgensen Baker
On: 08/03/2001
My uncle, 2nd Lt. Owen Jorgensen is one of the crew of Pistol Packin Mama who will be honored by the monument. He was one of those killed by local civilians after surviving the crash. Can anyone tell me how I might contact Gen. Martin of US Air Base Ramstein Germany who will be at the dedication? I would like to talk to him before the ceremony to let him know how important this is to the surviving family. Thank you to Inge for telling be about the monument to my Uncle Owen.