History of 614th Squadron

By: Fred Corley
On: 10/21/2003
Can anyone tell me if there is a copy of the 614th Squadron history that I could read anywhere?

Re: History of 614th Squadron

By: Win Bryson
On: 10/24/2003
There are two potential sources I know of, which aren't commercial "books" per se - they are more like typed reports.  I know of their 613SQ. counterparts, but unfortunately, I have no copies of them (613SQ or 614SQ Histories) to make available.  So with that:

1. I believe Vic Maslin, a now deceased member of the 401BG Historical Society UK, wrote a narrative History of each 401BG Squadron.  A copy may be on file with the either the 401BG Historical Society in England, or in the 401BG's (USA) "archives".  You may be able to arrange for a copy by contacting Graham Bratley (grahambratley@hotmail.com) in England, or the 401BG Association here in the USA (via George Menzel).

2. AFHRA [Air Force Historical Research Agency], 600 Chenault Circle, Maxwell AFB, Alabama, 36112-6424, has microfilm records of Squardon Histories.  The format of these histories is basically separate by-month reports of operations of the Squadron, and the reports span the period of time Deenethorpe was active. If you're interested in a particular month (so the photocopying is only a few pages) they may sent copies to you, but if you want copies of more more or all the months, they'll probably advise of your options to either purchase the microfilm that contains the 614SQ Histories (ask them for the roll & frames numbers involved) or recommend (you) engage a research service to pull and photocopy "the works", if that's what you want.  AFHRA is very helpful, but understaffed, so responses take a long time.

Hopefully, someone within the 401BG (Assoc., or Historical Society) has the info to make a copy available.

These two sources (and 614SQ History formats) are the only ones I know of, but that's not saying much - hopefully, other Association members who may know of others (or have copies of these) will "chime-in".

Good hunting.  

Re: History of 614th Squadron

By: Donald Byers
On: 10/29/2003
The microfilm roll's cost $30.00 each.  As they are not all compiled on the same reel it would be quite costly to get everything.

I know that there is a 615th book that was out by Vic but not shure if he did one for each squadron.  I scanned a copy of the 615th book which is quite a number of pages.

Don Byers