Pictures of Politz

By: Daniel Petterzon
On: 07/31/2001
Hi all,
Im looking for pictures and wittness accounts about a mission to Politz the 7th of october 1944. The 351st, 401st & 457th Bg´s participated in this raid.

Re: Pictures of Politz

By: Win Bryson
On: 03/19/2003
I'd be interested in knowing about your interest in "Politz" - mine's regarding my uncle, S.Sgt Tom Dorris, Radioman, lost with his 401BG "Lt. Nelson crew" that day.

Info I have found/know of includes:

1. The National Archives II, College Park Md. has the original Mission Reports for the 10-7-44 Politz Mission - for all three participating Groups. The 401BG's Mission Report has strike photos and the 401BG's Track Chart.
2. The National Archives II also has a huge "backlog" of aerial photos yet to be cataloged (as of the '90s), and they suggested "ask again, later" to my Politz aerial photo request in the '90s (because they're always adding to their catalog);
3. There's a photo (that was used in a 401BG calendar, and in George Menzel's book "Portrait of a Flying Lady"_) that's captioned something like 'Flak over Politz' with a view out the right-side waist-gunners position with a sky "black with flak".  I haven't found a National Archive identification or source (or verification of caption)...yet.
4. And lastly, I have a reply letter from Ralph (Rainbow) Trout (now deceased) recounting the Mission - he flew it and witnessed my uncle's plane going down.

Hope that helps, and as always "looking for more".