615th Book?

By: Frank Jasek
On: 09/01/2003
I understand a book was published on the 615 Bomb Squadron
which has a crew photo of Hula girl, Maid to Order piloted by Lt E.A. Hansen.I am seeking a copy of this photo for publication. It should have the photo of W.T. Brunson, ball turret gunner, included. Brunson KIA Feb 16th 1945.Blue skies to all

Re: 615th Book?

By: Donald Byers
On: 09/02/2003

You might try Ivo DeYong.  This is a message to someone about him.  He writes books on WWII.  You should be able to follow the link back and find his e-mail address.  If you can't find it I think I can find it again.

Don Byers
Lubbock Texas

Re: 615th Book?

By: Scott McElvain
On: 09/02/2003
There are a couple "Squadron" books out there if this is what you are looking for.  I have some booklets that were put together by our late Brit friend Vic Maslen.  I thought they were "the" squadron booklets because there was one for each squadron that had crews by pilot with a list of missions.  Then I heard about Squadron histories in similar booklets.  You might check with our Brit members.  Ray Corby made me copies of the Deenethorpe Diaries that were put together by Vic also.

E. A. Hansen crew

By: Jinny
On: 10/24/2003
I have a photo of Ernie and this crew.
Standing: Sgt. Brunson, Sgt. McKnight
Kneeling: Sgt. Miller, Sgt. Morrison, Lt. Coates, Lt. Greenberg, Sgt. Ferguson, 1st Lt. E. A. Hansen.
The plane is not identifiable. Email me your address.

Re: E. A. Hansen crew

By: Bryan Wyman
On: 08/09/2005
My Great Uncle, Alonzo Karcher flew on the final flight of Maid to Order. It was shot down over Holland and he survived, but I have been looking for a picture of the plane. I have been to where it was shot down and have been in many converstions with James Morrison. Thanks for your help.

Bryan Wyman
4132 Tyrolean ave.
St. Louis, Mo