Major Tillman C. Burks, Jr. Us Army Air Corp / USAF Retired

By: Tillman C. "Skip" Burks, III
On: 08/06/2003
I am looking for some assistance from any of the association members who may have either flown with or been stationed with my father during I would presume WWII.  He entered the Army Air Corp in 1943 and in 1950 he was recalled to active duty at Eglin Air Force Base Florida.  He was a command pilot who retired after 26 years of active duty service.  His last tour of duty was in Southeast Asia at I believe Udorn Air Base Thailand.  If there is anyone that knows of him or had the opportunity to serve either with him or under his command would you please email me.  I am tyring to gather information about his military history and career and would love to read some of his storys.  he passed away unexpectadely in 2000 and unfortunately I never got the chance to get any of his storys documented.  You may email me at the above address.  Thank you so much.

Re: Major Tillman C. Burks, Jr. Us Army Air Corp / USAF Retired

By: Win Bryson
On: 08/24/2003
1. If you, hopefully, have some of your Dad's records and papers, that have his serial number and key assignments or duty station dates, like which Bomb Group/Squadron, your local VA may have some help as to additional records.  

2. The two main other sources I know of are:
--The National Personnel Records Center, St.Louis, Mo.: They have forms to fill-out for requests, are part of the National Archives and Records Administration (Washington, DC), and have a website:  But they had a big fire in 1973 and a lot of records are gone, but worth trying.
--The Army Personnel Command (Dept. of the Army) 2461 Eisenhower Ave., Alexandria, Va. 22331-0482.[I don't know a website].
Both sources I've used primarily for records of men killed in action.

3. But since your Dad continued service (from the USAAF)in the USAF, all, or at least his USAF records are probably elsewhere. My only suggestion there is start from the National Archives' website - they have locations for the various military services' records.

4. Once you have your Dad's WWII USAAF Group and Squadron information, websites like this for that "Association" and what mission s he flewm the National Archives' textural references division, has the 401BG's mission reports missions he flew - which may be of interest.

Good luck.