Music of Our Era

By: Joseph B. Tripi
On: 07/27/2001
Does anyone know where I can get a copy of "INTO THE AIR ARMY AIR CORPS"?  We sang that and others while at Deenthorpe and I can't remember the words.

Re: Music of Our Era

By: Elliott F. Cameron
On: 08/17/2001
   I don't have this written down anywhere, but as best I remember from sixty years ago, here it is.

     Spirit of the Air Corps

Into the air, Army Air Corps,
Give 'er the gun, Pilots true,
Into the air, Army Air Corps,
Hold your nose up in the blue.
And when you hear our engines singing,
And our steel props start to whine,
You can bet the Army Air Corps
Is along the firing line.

We have our hands on the throttles
As we all wait for the nod,
And we will meet them half way, men,
We will drive them to the sod.
And then when our last flight is over,
And we meet our Flying Boss,
You can bet the air is clear, men,
From Orion to the Cross.

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