Photos of 401 missions

By: Robert Funk
On: 07/16/2003
Am interested in finding photos of various missions especially the few I flew. I also use the pictures in my presentations to students from middle school to university.  Would prefer 8 X 10 but can enlarge if needed. Thanks for your help

Re: Photos of 401 missions

By: Win Bryson
On: 07/17/2003
I've been looking for 401BG photos for quite some-time now, also.  Sources to-date, include:

1. The National Archives & Records Administration, Still Pictures Branch, 8601 Adelphi Rd., College Park, Md., 20740-6001, has some 401BG mission and mission related (formations, briefings, operations, control tower) black & white photos.

2. There's a "Flak over Politz" photo on a 401BG calendar several years ago: that has appeared in several publications, including the 401BG "Bluebook"; that has been attributed to several missions, and has no known "source" - but is "frighteningly" telling; and

3. I have photos (that I took at the NARA II) of the 10-7-44 Politz Mission Report's file strike photos (mosaics of several photos with grease-pencil markings, of the lead, high and low squadrons of "C"-box that day).

If you're interested, I could send you some xeroxes of these (E-mail me your mailing address) to help you see if any of these may be of interest for your presentations - and then go from there.

[As a side-note, I visited the NARA-II many years ago and looked through their laser-discs of photos (looking for 401BG photos).  It took all-day and I made list with notes so that I could later order photos from them.  I would be glad to E-mail this list to you, but keep in-mind, it's not complete, descriptions are in "my words", and there may be other photos added since that I don't list - but maybe it'll help you save "looking" time.

I don't know the NARA II's present "drill" for purchasing still photos, but contacting them (or via their web-site) should answer that for you.

Regardless, good hunting.  By the way, what Squadron were you in and what Missions were you on.



Re: Photos of 401 missions

By: L.A.Mitchell
On: 07/18/2003
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Re: Photos of 401 missions

By: Scott McElvain
On: 07/30/2003
Tell me what planes you flew and I can tell you if the National Archives has negatives, and where you can get photos made from the negatives.

Re: Associate member thanks you

By: Joe La Grasta
On: 05/14/2009
Hi this the tail gunner of Jack Lippert and I have a wooden perfect model of Jill's Jalopy.  I have a picture of it that I can send you.  It was made to the orginal markings as when it was flying.  Made over seas not made of plastic.