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Index — 51.3%

About Us Welcome to the web site of the 401st Bombardment Group (H) Association, Inc. We are a non-profit association dedicated to preserving the memory of those who fought and died during World War II. The Association has been granted tax free status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Association was founded in 1973 (see Formation and History of the Association, below, as a means of enabling the men who had served in the 401st [...]

San Diego, CA, Reunion - 2014 — 10.3%

[...] Hard at Work Paul and Scott are hard at work. At what, I still don't know... Association Business Jeannie, Laura and Rick busy discussing Association business. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Open for Business The crowd swarms the PX once it's opened for business. Lots of nice 401st things to buy. So Much Stuff Don, Kiera and Milena busy helping the crowd select a nice 401st item. Remember Our Heroes Andy present again for our reunion. His [...]

401st Historical Society — 7.7%

[...] England involving the U. S. Air Force. Members of the Historical Society have attended many of the Association's reunions, and their role in maintaining the history and traditions has been recognized by making them Honorary Members of the 401st Bombardment Group Association. Two former members of the Historical Society who are now deceased deserve special mention. Mr. S. V. (Vic) Maslen devoted literally thousands of hours prior to his retirement and all of his free time after retirement into researching and compiling the records of the [...]

Main Page — 7.7%

Welcome to the ' '! This wiki was created for the use of the 401st Bomb Group Association. It was created to honor the men who served at Station 128 in Deenethorpe during WWII. It is meant to supplement our main website . As an example of that, our main site has pages for Aircraft, Crews, Missions and Serviceman. This site is meant to allow us to add additional information regarding any of those subjects. In addition, it is meant as a repository for any 401st related information that cannot be easily captured on our main site. Two top-level subject areas exist on this [...]

401st To-do List — 7.7%

[...] page should be moved to a new History page. Format can be the same, or similar to the original. A new Association History page should be created. The difference between this page and the History page is that where the Main History page is about the group during WWII, the Association [...]

Dana, Edward G. - T/Sgt — 2.6%

[...] raised a family of 5 children and retired in 1986. He enjoyed a good retirement and, in 1994, a renewed association with the 401st BG. In 1999, his wife was diagnosed [...]

How to create a wiki page. — 2.6%

[...] Categories. This should always be done and should reflect the nature of the content. If the page is about the association, then that item should be checked in the page [...]

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