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How to create a wiki page.

Modified on 2017/12/30 19:43 by Administrator Categorized as How To
  1. Go to the Main page on the 401st Wiki. Note: this step may not be necessary if you're already there.
  2. On the left is a column titled "Navigation". Click on the link that says "Create a new page".
  3. A new page will open up. On this page you can enter a title, some content into the main body, add Page Categories or Meta Information or Upload a photo.
  4. Edit the Title. This will always need to be done. The title will tell us what this page is about, but please keep it both brief and complete.
  5. Edit the Content. Exactly what content needs to go into the WikiMarkup box depends on the nature of the page and won't be discussed here. However, simply enter text, and any appropriate markup, into the WikiMarkup box until you are happy with it.
  6. Enter Page Categories. This should always be done and should reflect the nature of the content. If the page is about the association, then that item should be checked in the page categories box. If it's about a crew and any combat they saw, then the Crew and Combat boxes should be checked. Any item in the page category box that applies to this content should be checked.
  7. Entering Meta Information is not necessary, at least not at this time, but if you are editing an existing page, Comments for why should be entered.
  8. Upload an attachment. This is not necessary for all pages, but when it is, it can be done here. A photo, a PDF, a DOC, whatever is needed to support this page can be done here.
  9. When you are happy with the content, just click Save to leave this page and view the results. If you do not want leave and continue editing the page, you can hit save and continue. Anything entered will be stored and the Edit page will be reloaded.

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