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The Configuration screen

The Configuration screen

The Configuration screen allows to set the configuration options of the wiki, which are described below.

Note: always click the Save button at the bottom of the page in order to save the changes to the configuration.

General Configuration

Wiki TitleThe title of the wiki (see also {WikiTitle} special tag)
Wiki URLThe URL at which the wiki is served
Contact EmailThe email address of the built-in admin account
Sender EmailThe email address used as sender for all the email messages the wiki sends
Email addresses to notify in case of errorsA list of recipients to be notified when an error occurs in the wiki application
SMTP server address and portAddress (and port, if different from 25) of the SMTP server to use for sending emails
SMTP username and passwordUsername and password for the SMTP server (if required)
Enable SSLIf selected, SSL is used for connecting to the SMTP server

Content Configuration

Root namespace themeThe visual theme of the root namespace
Root namespace default pageThe page that is used as home page for the root namespace
Date/time formatThe date/time format used to display date/times in the wiki
Default languageThe default user interface language (users can customize it)
Default time zoneThe default time zone (users can customize it)
Display at most N items in {RecentChanges} tagsThe number of items to display in the output of {RecentChanges}
RSS Feeds serving modeThe mode RSS are served (Summary, Full Text or Disabled)
Enable Double-Click editingIf enabled, double-clicking on a page activates the page editor
Enable editing of pages' sectionsIf enabled, each page section can be edited independently
Display anchors for pages' sectionsIf enabled, each page section displays an anchor for easy linking
Enable Page ToolbarIf enabled, a toolbar is displayed in wiki pages (Discuss, Edit, History, etc.)
Enable 'View Page Code' featureIf enabled, when a user has no permissions to edit a page, she can view the page code using the View Page Code button that replaces the Edit button
Enable Page Information sectionIf enabled, the page info section is displayed in wiki pages (Created on, Categorized as, etc.)
Enable Breadcrumbs TrailIf enabled, the recent wiki browsing history is displayed to users
Auto-Generate Page Names in Editor by defaultIf enabled, the page editor generates new page names automatically from their title (only when creating new pages; manually overridable in the page editor)
Process single line breaks in contentIf enabled, the wiki formatter processes and renders single line breaks instead of ignoring them
Use visual (WYSIWYG) editor as defaultIf enabled, sets the new Visual editor as the default (WikiMarkup editor still available)
Keep at most N backups for each pageThe number of revisions to keep for every page: exceeding old revisions are automatically discarded
Display Gravatars for user accountsIf enabled, Gravatar icons are displayed for users (when available)

Security Configuration

Allow users to registerIf enabled, users can create new accounts using the Register.aspx page
Account activation modeIn combination with the setting above, determines how new autonomously-created user accounts must be activated (Active by default, Activate via email, Administration approval — see below for details)
Default Administrators GroupThe user group that is used for administrators
Default Users GroupThe user group that is used for registered users
Default Anonymous Users GroupThe user group that is used for anonymous users
Enable CAPTCHA control for all public functionalitiesIf enabled, all functions that are accessible by anonymous users are protected with a CAPTCHA control that prevents bots from abusing the wiki
Prevent concurrent page editingIf enabled, a page can only be edited by one user at a time, otherwise only a warning is displayed
Page change moderation modeSets the change moderation mode (Disabled, Require page viewing permissions, Require page editing permissions — see below for details)
File extensions allowed for uploadThe file/attachment types that are allowed for upload
Download counting mode (no label)Specifies how to count file/attachment downloads (options are self-explanatory)
Max file size allowed for uploadThe maximum size of uploaded files/attachments
Allow SCRIPT tags in WikiMarkupIf enabled, it's possible to add SCRIPT tags to wiki content and pages (administrators can do that anyway)
Logging levelSpecifies which type of messages must be recorded in the log
Max log sizeThe maximum size of the log (when exceeding, older log entries are discarded)
IP filter for allowed editingSpecifies the IP address that are allowed to edit pages (leave empty for no restriction)

Account Activation Mode

  • Users must activate their account via email (default): users must confirm their email address by following an activation link that is sent them via email
  • Administrators must activate accounts: a newly-created user account must be activated by an administrator
  • Accounts are active by default: newly-created accounts are automatically activated.

Note: this setting only affects accounts created via the Register.aspx page. The activation status of accounts created with the admin panel is decided by the administrator that is creating the account.

Change Moderation Mode

  • Disable moderation (default): no moderation is performed
  • Require Page Viewing permissions: anyone who has viewing permissions for a page can edit it, but the changes are held in moderation; anyone who has editing permissions for a page can edit it without restrictions and can also approve a draft
  • Require Page Editing permissions: anyone who has editing permissions for a page can edit it, but the changes are held in moderation; anyone who has management permissions for a page can edit it without restrictions and can also approve a draft.

Note: drafts can only be explicitly approved/rejected by an administrator in the Wiki Pages screen. All other users that are able to save a page can approve a draft only by explicitly editing the page and saving the changes, thus making them visible to all users.

Every time a draft is held in moderation, all users who have approval permissions are notified via email. Normally, this group of users should be small.

Advanced Configuration

Regular expression for validating usernameThe regular expression used for validating usernames — default: ^\w[\w\ !$@%^\.\(\)]{3,25}$
Regular expression for validating passwordThe regular expression used for validating passwords — default: ^\w[\w~!@#$%^\(\)\[\]\{\}\.,=\-_\ ]{6,25}$
Enable automatic update checksIf enabled, the wiki checks for new versions of the application and of the providers (might cause a little delay while loading admin pages)
Completely disable cacheIf enabled, the cache is disabled completely (slightly lower performance)
Cache sizeThe size of the cache (number of pages)
Cache cut sizeThe number of pages that should be removed from the cache when it is full (ideally 20% of the cache size)
Enable ViewState compressionIf enabled, the ASP.NET ViewState is compressed (faster page load times, slightly increased server load)
Enable HTTP compressionIf enabled, HTTP compression is enabled (faster page load times, slightly increased server load — do not enable if you enabled HTTP compression in the web server!)

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