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These are things that still need to be done for this web-site

What follows here are things that volunteers can do for our web site. The list is broken into two separate items. Things that are ready now, and things that need things done first before they can proceed. Items should be removed from this list once they are completed.

The main reason for these changes is that by employing a wiki, these pages can be updated by other members of the group when they identify something as incorrect or need to include new information into our knowledgebase.

Ready To Go

  • Our History page should be moved to a new History page. Format can be the same, or similar to the original.
  • A new Association History page should be created. The difference between this page and the History page is that where the Main History page is about the group during WWII, the Association History should be about the Association, itself, it's formation, significant members, etc...
  • The page for the 401st-Historical-Society needs to be updated detailing it's purpose, members and history. (I'm working on that now. PB, started 12/30/2017)
  • A How to Join (Membership) page needs to be created describing the purpose of the organization and it's benefits. Some coordination with the Webmaster will be required to ensure that members can still make payments through Paypal.
  • A Contributions page needs to be created to replace the current Contributions page. This will allow all members of the organization to more easily recognize others who have contributed, not just to the website, but to the group overall. (Started, Jeannie Campbell, 12/30/2017)
  • A new Gallery page needs to be created to replace the current one. The new version should reflect NARA collections and other items not easily placed elsewhere. For example, images and videos related directly to a veteran/crews/aircraft will be better served moved directly to its corresponding page.
  • A Gallery Album to replace our Life in England album. Starting with these pics, including these (maybe?) and others.
  • A new page dedicated to the Champaign Lady with a description of the project, reports of progress and images of contributors, etc...
  • The War Time Accounts page should be phased out. Instead, a page should be created for each veteran who made the account (See our How To Create Member page] and then each account added to that. Once completed, inform the Webmaster so that he can adjust the links accordingly.
  • Create Album for VE Day using these photos.
  • Create page for Robert L Hecker and include this video.
  • Create a page for a hero. If you like, you can create a page of a 401ster that doesn't currently have one. You can create that page for any veteran but, it's preferred that family members create pages for the veteran they are related to. Otherwise, find a fallen hero, one who very well may not have someone to remember him, research his history and create a page telling us about his life.
  • Create Memorial Day Album for Margraten featuring 401st & Andy using some of these photos.
  • Create Memorial Day Album for Madingley using these photos.
  • A Gordon R Dickson page including these photos.
  • Possible album to go with Champaign Lady Page.
  • Possible photo to be associated with Heavy Date page.
  • An image to be included with a Mary Alice page.
  • An Image to be included with a possible Madame Queen page.
  • Another image but need to decide where it belongs.
  • Photos for an I'll Be Seeing You page.

Waiting on Other Tasks

  • Create page for flak-rat and add these photos: French memorial for Flak Rat
  • Add new Bibliography section to the Wiki. Use the current Bibliography page as a starting point. The new bibliography will (should) take on a different format than the old one due to the differenced between the Wiki and the Main Site.
  • Add Guardian Angel to Bibliography. Lulu Synopsis
  • Add this image to Fisette crew page. Waiting on the creation of a Crew Template for the Wiki.

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