Mission Details for Berlin (#96)



Number: 96
Date: 6/21/1944 12:00:00 AM
Commander: Maj. D.E. Silver "A"
Crews Briefed: 44
Details: Aircraft plant and other facilities

Flying Control

Runway: 5
Engines: 0410 Thumbnail image for /Images/Takeoff/Plan05.jpg
Taxi: 0425
Take Off: 0440
E.T.R.: 1256
Notes: Briefing was conducted at 0130 hours. 43 of the 44 aircraft were off by 0521, and the laggard made it by 0608. All but two aircraft had returned by 1413 hours, and one of the two reported having landed safely at North Pickenham.


Aircraft: 44
Lost Over Continent: 1
Lost Other: 0
Summary: This was a massive attack on Berlin by 1,234 bombers and an equal number of fighters of the 8th Air Force. The 401st provided 18 aircraft each for the High Box of the 94th "A" Combat Wing and the High Box of the 41st Composite "C" Combat Wing plus a six ship High Squadron for the 94th "B" Combat Wing. Strike photos showed excellent results, and many explosions and much fire and smoke were reported in the entire Berlin area.
Flak was accurate and moderate to intense, and the Luftwaffe was active in the area. As a result the 8th Air Force lost 16 B-17's, and 216 suffered battle damage. One of the aircraft shot down was the 401st's B-17 No. 42-31496, piloted by Lt. J. Atherton. The 401st reported excellent U. S. fighter support.

Mission Assignments

Squadron Participants