Mission Details for Nancy/Essey (#56)



Number: 56
Date: 4/25/1944 12:00:00 AM
Commander: Lt. Col. B.K. Voorhees
Crews Briefed: 21
Details: Airfield

Flying Control

Runway: 33
Engines: 0545 Thumbnail image for /Images/Takeoff/Plan33.jpg
Taxi: 0600
Take Off: 0615
E.T.R.: 1303
Notes: Briefing was held at 0230 hours, after which the field experienced a Red Alert. 21 aircraft were off on operations by 0634, but at 0845 orders were radioed to the Group to jettison bombs and return to base. Six 401st aircraft were dispatched on Air/Sea Rescue duty at 1230 hours. All operational aircraft had returned by 1345 hours.


Aircraft: 21
Lost Over Continent: 0
Lost Other: 0
Summary: The Group formed the Lead Box of the 94th Combat Wing on this mission to an airdrome and flying school at Nancy, France. Upon reaching the target, it was found to be covered by solid undercast, preventing visual bombing. The same conditions prevailed over the secondary target, and after several 360 degree turns the Group looked for a target of opportunity, but none was available. At 0845 Flying Control ordered the Group to jettison its bombs in the North Sea, 30 miles east of Southwold, after which the Group returned to base. No enemy aircraft or flak were encountered, although some flak was observed.

Mission Assignments

Squadron Participants

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