Mission Details for Freihan (#247)



Number: 247
Date: 4/11/1945 12:00:00 AM
Commander: Lt. Col. E. de Jonckheere
Crews Briefed: 38
Details: Railroad marshalling yards

Flying Control

Runway: 5
Engines: 0740 Thumbnail image for /Images/Takeoff/Plan05.jpg
Taxi: 0750
Take Off: 0800
E.T.R.: 1652
Notes: Briefing took place at 0500 hours, with Assembly ordered over Buncher Y in France at 16,000 feet. All operational aircraft were airborne by 0842 hours.
At 1455 the crew of one aircraft were forced to abort the mission with No. 1 engine feathered, having jettisoned its bombs in the sea. One spare aircraft also returned early. By 1720 all operational aircraft had returned, Flying Control noting: "Good fast landing."


Aircraft: 38
Lost Over Continent: 0
Lost Other: 0
Summary: The 401st provided three squadrons comprising the 94th Combat Wing "C" Group on this mission. It was another clear day and, with visual sighting possible, the Lead bombardiers produced excellent results. 100 per cent of the Group's bombs fell withn 2,000 feet of the MPI, and 80 percent were within a 1,000 foot radius.
Flak was sporadic and inaccurate, and none of the Group's ships sustained battle damage. No enemy aircraft were seen.

Mission Assignments

Squadron Participants