Mission Details for Kassel (#181)



Number: 181
Date: 12/15/1944 12:00:00 AM
Commander: Maj. D.G. McCree
Crews Briefed: 39
Details: Railroad marshalling yards

Flying Control

Runway: 23
Engines: 0750 Thumbnail image for /Images/Takeoff/Plan23.jpg
Taxi: 0805
Take Off: 0820
E.T.R.: 1506
Notes: Briefing took place at 0500 hours, and all 39 operational aircraft were airborne by 0902 hours. By 1147 hours two aircraft had returned with engines out but, because of low visibility, were diverted to Bassingbourne. At 1303 hours one of the spares landed at Bassingbourne after losing an engine, and at 1404 hours a 401st ship landed at Deenethorpe with its No. 4 engine windmilling, Flying Control noting: "Very rough landing but he made it - just barely!"
Upon returning from the mission, the Group was diverted to the B-24 base at Old Buckenham, although one ship was forced to land on the Continent and the crew were returned to base in a C-47.


Aircraft: 39
Lost Over Continent: 0
Lost Other: 0
Summary: After a three day stand-down because of bad weather, the Group took off again in weather that had not improved very much and forced a diversion to another base upon return. The 401st made up the 94th Combat Wing "C" Group on this mission. Bombing was again conducted by PFF (radar) methods because of solid cloud cover over the target, and results could not be observed. No fighters were encountered, and flak was meager and inaccurate. None of the Group's aircraft received battle damage.

Mission Assignments

Squadron Participants