Mission Details for Misburg (#173)



Number: 173
Date: 11/26/1944 12:00:00 AM
Commander: Maj. D.G. MeCree
Crews Briefed: 39
Details: Oil Refinery

Flying Control

Runway: 23
Engines: 0740 Thumbnail image for /Images/Takeoff/Plan23.jpg
Taxi: 0755
Take Off: 0810
E.T.R.: 1457
Notes: The Group was briefed at 0500 hours, and by 0849 all but one aircraft, which encountered generator problems, were airborne. That ship took off at 0849 and joined the formation. The three spares landed early, and one ship aborted the mission, landing at 1202 hours. All aircraft had returned by 1546 hours. At 1650, a snow warning was passed on.


Aircraft: 39
Lost Over Continent: 0
Lost Other: 0
Summary: The 401st provided the three squadrons comprising the 94th Combat Wing "A" Group. The weather was relatively clear, but a smoke screen in the target area largely obscured the MPI. The Group therefore bombed by PFF, with visual assistance. The strikes were reported to be on, and slightly to the left, of the target.
No enemy aircraft were sighted but flak was intense. One 401st ship received major battle damage and 11 other had minor damage but no casualties resulted.

Mission Assignments

Squadron Participants