Mission Details for Cognac (#10)



Number: 10
Date: 12/31/1943 12:00:00 AM
Commander: Major William T. Seawell
Crews Briefed: 21
Details: Luftwaffe Airbase

Flying Control

Runway: 28
Engines: 0655 Thumbnail image for /Images/Takeoff/Plan28.jpg
Taxi: 0710
Take Off: 0725
E.T.R.: 1623
Notes: 0833 hours - All aircraft off on mission.


Aircraft: 21
Lost Over Continent: 2
Lost Other: 2
Summary: The primary target (Bordeaux) was obscured by cloud so the Wing Leader (Major Seawell) ordered the formation to proceed to the secondary target, a Luftwaffe Airbase at Cognac, which was bombed with excellent results.

Major I Wayne Eveland, 614th Squadron Commander, flying with Lt. H.E. McDanal and his crew in "Flak Rat" (42-37770) was shot down by fighters but evaded capture, ultimately returning to Deenethrope via Spain.

The wreckage of B-17 aircraft "Hey Lou" (42-31064), piloted by Lt. D. H. Lawry, was found off the coast of southern England.  The cause of the loss was not determined, and only one body was recovered.

Two other aircraft ran out of fuel and were abandoned by the crews.

Mission Assignments

Squadron Participants