White, James R. - Sgt[Wiki]

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Sgt James R. White flew 3 missions, from 12/30/1943, mission #9, to 01/11/1944, mission #14. He served as a Tail Gunner.

Sgt White served with the following crewman: S/Sgt Robert E. Allen, S/Sgt Ole Andersen, 2nd Lt Zaven N. Masoomian, Sgt Charles R. Schmader, Sgt Donald W. Smart, 2nd Lt Donald C. Sprecher, 2nd Lt Kenneth W. Tinkelpaugh, Sgt Raymond G. Vindhurst and 2nd Lt Glen A. Weiss

Recorded Missions

112/30/1943 Ludwigshaven (#9) 42-37809 Carolina Queen Donald C. Sprecher Crew #1
212/31/1943 Cognac (#10) 42-31069 Little Moe Donald C. Sprecher Crew #1
301/11/1944 Oschersleben (#14) 42-39893 Donald C. Sprecher Crew #1