Bowman, Harold W. - Col

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Col Harold W. Bowman flew 1 missions, from 12/22/1943, mission #7, to 12/22/1943, mission #7. He served as a Copilot and Pilot.

Col Bowman served with the following crewman: 1st Lt William E. Anderson, S/Sgt Clifford W. Blodgett, Col M.E. Brown, Capt Rufus F. Causey, 2nd Lt Charles G. Chaffey, Capt Denver R. Charleville, S/Sgt David E. Clare, Capt James F. Egan, 1st Lt Stanely Fine, Capt Howard D. Fishbeck, Capt George Gould, 2nd Lt Elvis E. Johnson, Capt Felix A. Kalinski, T/Sgt Gerald M. Kenny, S/Sgt Ernest H. Koon, Capt Arnold C. Kuenning, Major James B. Locher Jr., Lt Col Unk Luper, S/Sgt Glenn A. MacKellar, T/Sgt Peter C. Madsen, 2nd Lt William F. Maloney, T/Sgt William McIntyre, T/Sgt Glenn A. McKellar, S/Sgt Arthur McKenna, 1st Lt Harry W. Meadville, Capt Charles H. Minott, 2nd Lt Morris E. Moe, S/Sgt Joseph K. Pavlisin, Capt Edwin F. Russell, Lt Col Delwyn E. Silver, T/Sgt Thomas R. Stokesberry, T/Sgt John F. Thompson, Sgt William A. Tosh, Major Ralph J. White, 1st Lt Alfred A. Winograd and 1st Lt Horace D. Wood

Recorded Missions

112/22/1943 Osnabruck (#7) (Unknown) M.E. Brown Crew #1