Wager, Robert F. - T/Sgt[Wiki]

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T/Sgt Robert F. Wager flew 1 missions, from 03/13/1944, mission #36, to 03/13/1944, mission #36. He served as a Radio Operator.

T/Sgt Wager served with the following crewman: Sgt Francis G. Allen, T/Sgt James M. Bailey, Sgt Gordon F. Brandt, 2nd Lt James A. Coventry, S/Sgt Michael F. De Vito, 2nd Lt Raymond E. Gipson, 2nd Lt James J. Hannon, 2nd Lt George J. Hellmuth and S/Sgt Royce W. Moore

Recorded Missions

103/13/1944 Gorenflos (#36) 42-31374 George J. Hellmuth Crew #1