Charnes, Hugh W. - T/Sgt[Wiki]

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T/Sgt Hugh W. Charnes flew 7 missions, from 11/26/1943, mission #1, to 08/16/1944, mission #130. He served as a Engr / Top Turret and Radio Operator.

T/Sgt Charnes served with the following crewman: 2nd Lt Allen G. Buchanan Jr., T/Sgt Leonard W. Click Jr., S/Sgt Louis Florez, 2nd Lt Russell M. Fowler, 1st Lt Donald F. Frazier, Sgt Maurice Friedman, T/Sgt Cecil B. Greer, S/Sgt William J. Guess, Sgt Thomas P. Guilfoy, S/Sgt David N. Hadsell, 2nd Lt Wardlaw M. Hammond, S/Sgt John C. Jack, 1st Lt John H. Jardine, S/Sgt John J. Jordan, S/Sgt Charles E. Kashner, Capt Charles W. Keeling, S/Sgt Dean C. Larson, 2nd Lt George R. Lewis, S/Sgt Francis T. Malloy, T/Sgt Richard V. Martinez, 2nd Lt Walter J. Murphy, S/Sgt Stephen A. Papazian, S/Sgt Ira A. Parkhurst, S/Sgt Frank D. Perez, S/Sgt Albert L. Pico, 1st Lt Harry L. Piper Jr., 1st Lt Jack B. Priest, T/Sgt Maurice C. Priest, T/Sgt Maurice G. Priest, Sgt Harold Quist, T/Sgt Alexander F. Tryba, 1st Lt Irving Woliver and Sgt James S. Woodward

Recorded Missions

111/26/1943 Bremen (#1) (Unknown) Russell M. Fowler Crew #1
212/11/1943 Emden (#4) (Unknown) Russell M. Fowler Crew #1
312/13/1943 Kiel (#5) (Unknown) Russell M. Fowler Crew #1
412/20/1943 Bremen (#6) (Unknown) Russell M. Fowler Crew #1
501/07/1944 Ludwigshaven (#13) 42-31081 Son of a Blitz Russell M. Fowler Crew #1
607/24/1944 Saint-Lo (#115) 42-31081 Son of a Blitz Russell M. Fowler Crew #1
708/16/1944 Schkenditz (#130) 42-31081 Son of a Blitz Russell M. Fowler Crew #1