Ogborn, Donald W. - S/Sgt

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S/Sgt Donald W. Ogborn flew 1 missions, from 01/11/1944, mission #14, to 01/11/1944, mission #14. He served as a Left Waist Gunner and Right Waist Gunner.

S/Sgt Ogborn served with the following crewman: S/Sgt Clarence H. Biggs, Major Edwin W. Brown, 2nd Lt Jack A. Duce, 2nd Lt Alvin A. Gould, T/Sgt Warren H. Jumper, S/Sgt Eldon E. Leavitt, 2nd Lt John W. Mitchell, 2nd Lt Stephen G. Nason, T/Sgt Garland Owens, Capt Leon Stann, T/Sgt Robert F. Wagner and S/Sgt H.P. Wildman

Recorded Missions

101/11/1944 Oschersleben (#14) 42-31033 Pee-Tey-Kuh Stephen G. Nason Crew #1