Shuit, George - Sgt

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Sgt George Shuit flew 1 missions, from 05/27/1944, mission #76, to 05/27/1944, mission #76. He served as a Right Waist Gunner.

Sgt Shuit served with the following crewman: 1st Lt Ambrose De Siano, Sgt Reynold T. Fraker, 2nd Lt Elbert L. Hammond, 2nd Lt John C. MacDougall, T/Sgt George H. Moore, Sgt Harold J. Nicol, S/Sgt Melvin L. Roberts, 2nd Lt Albert H. Roddy and Sgt Merle E. Warner

Recorded Missions

105/27/1944 Ludwigshaven (#76) 42-107113 Section 8 Ambrose De Siano Crew #1