Camfer, Donald W. - 2nd Lt

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2nd Lt Donald W. Camfer flew 2 missions, from 01/05/1945, mission #191, to 01/13/1945, mission #195. He served as a Copilot.

2nd Lt Camfer served with the following crewman: S/Sgt John M. Corliss, Flt O Fred M. Garton, 2nd Lt James B. Jensen, S/Sgt Lloyd C. Kenagy, T/Sgt Theodore H. Moller, S/Sgt Waverly W. Moore, S/Sgt Stephen A. Papazian and 1st Lt William M. Scanlon

Recorded Missions

101/05/1945 Koblenz (#191) 43-38160 "Day And Night" Fred M. Garton Crew #1
201/13/1945 Maximilliansau (#195) 44-6313 Budd's Dudds Fred M. Garton Crew #1