Jenkins, Frederick S. - Flt O[Wiki]

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Flt O Jenkins served with the following crewman: 2nd Lt John R. Althoff, 1st Lt Allen D. Aschenbach, Flt O Unk Boorfershine, 2nd Lt William R. Brazzil, T/Sgt Gordon G. Cupp, S/Sgt Jack C. Everett, T/Sgt George J. Feigenbaum, 2nd Lt Arthur Folkerts, T/Sgt William P Fuston, Capt Ralph S. Hayes, T/Sgt William R. Herndon, Capt Felix A. Kalinski, 2nd Lt James J. Kelly, T/Sgt John Lucewlez, 1st Lt Clarence E. Mead, 1st Lt Charles B. Minor, 1st Lt Roland W. Murphy, Sgt Arthur L. Pahl Jr., 1st Lt William M. Scanlon, 2nd Lt Robert H. Simon, S/Sgt C.B. Smith, 1st Lt Kenneth D. Speer, S/Sgt Leonard E. Thompson, S/Sgt Robert W. Watson, S/Sgt Ben G. Wilson and T/Sgt David Yohay

Recorded Missions

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