Moller, Theodore H. - T/Sgt

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T/Sgt Theodore H. Moller flew 2 missions, from 01/05/1945, mission #191, to 01/13/1945, mission #195. He served as a Radio Operator.

T/Sgt Moller served with the following crewman: 2nd Lt Donald W. Camfer, 2nd Lt Duane S. Carr, 2nd Lt Eugene B. Colliss, S/Sgt John M. Corliss, Major Eric T. De Jonckheere, 1st Lt Harry M. Eaton, 2nd Lt Henry Freelander, Flt O Fred M. Garton, S/Sgt James F Grumann, 2nd Lt Wiley R. Haggard, 2nd Lt Charles W. Hamilton, 2nd Lt Jim D. Hurley, 2nd Lt James B. Jensen, Cpl James E. Kemp, S/Sgt Lloyd C. Kenagy, 2nd Lt Jack L. King, Cpl James O. Little, 2nd Lt Peter D. Mackin, 2nd Lt Joseph M. Maloney, 1st Lt Harry W. Meadville, 1st Lt Theodore R. Miller, S/Sgt Waverly W. Moore, S/Sgt Stephen A. Papazian, 1st Lt George W. Peek, 1st Lt George (615th) W. Peterson, S/Sgt Fred M. Quist, Sgt Harold Quist, Capt William F. Riegler, 2nd Lt James M. Rush, 1st Lt William M. Scanlon, S/Sgt Eral W. Seeley, T/Sgt Karl W. Seely, 2nd Lt Marvin W. Shaw, Lt Col Delwyn E. Silver, 2nd Lt William W. Strong, 2nd Lt Charles Tarr Jr. and 1st Lt Horace D. Wood

Recorded Missions

101/05/1945 Koblenz (#191) 43-38160 "Day And Night" Fred M. Garton Crew #1
201/13/1945 Maximilliansau (#195) 44-6313 Budd's Dudds Fred M. Garton Crew #1