Du Bray, Joseph J. - 1st Lt[Wiki]

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1st Lt Du Bray served with the following crewman: Sgt W.S. Bell, 1st Lt Frederick R. Boddin, 2nd Lt Unk Craig, 1st Lt Edward Damp, 2nd Lt James H. Devlin, 1st Lt Stanley W. Flieg, Sgt David W. Fulton, Capt William 'Gp Hq' S Harb, 1st Lt John F. Hope Jr., 1st Lt Richard S. Hubbell, Capt Donald V. Kirkhuff, S/Sgt Louis O. Klintworth, T/Sgt Ryan G. Kornegay, S/Sgt Theodore E. Langham, S/Sgt Robert N. LaVigne, 2nd Lt Donald A. Miller, 1st Lt George J. Moore, 1st Lt Edward G. Oden, T/Sgt Clyde W. Pool, S/Sgt John L. Revette, T/Sgt Paschal Richardson, T/Sgt Richard D. Ross, S/Sgt Donald A. St Peter, 2nd Lt Andrew J. Uhrain, Capt Charles W. Utter and Sgt Stepan A. Zaborsky

Recorded Missions

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