Knowles, Willis S. - 2nd Lt[Wiki]

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2nd Lt Willis S. Knowles flew 6 missions, from 02/09/1945, mission #205, to 03/17/1945, mission #230. He served as a Pilot.

2nd Lt Knowles served with the following crewman: T/Sgt Robert A. Boever, Cpl Elmer Buchsbaum, 2nd Lt Carl J. Cornelius, Sgt Mack A. Elston, Sgt Calvin P. Ely, S/Sgt Edward F. Geierman, Flt O Cecil W. Grisham, 2nd Lt Walter G. Kostolni, Sgt Thomas F. McCormick, Sgt John W. Settle, Sgt John J. Stitt, Sgt Clifford W. Wasemiller, Sgt Robert J. Woestman and 2nd Lt Clarence K. Wollam

Recorded Missions

102/09/1945 Lutzkendorf (#205) 42-31730 Morning Star Willis S. Knowles Crew #1
202/24/1945 Harburg (#214) 43-38758 Fast Company Willis S. Knowles Crew #1
303/10/1945 Hagen (#225) 43-38941 Willis S. Knowles Crew #1
403/11/1945 Bremen (#226) 42-102947 D-Day Dottie Willis S. Knowles Crew #1
503/14/1945 Lohne (#228) 44-6947 Willis S. Knowles Crew #1
603/17/1945 Molbis (#230) 44-6947 Willis S. Knowles Crew #1