Tharpe, Robert W. - 1st Lt

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1st Lt Tharpe served with the following crewman: 2nd Lt Allen B. Ainley, 2nd Lt John R. Althoff, 1st Lt Harold S. Arnold, 2nd Lt Martin L. Baney, T/Sgt Charles W. Beeson, 2nd Lt Fred M. Calfee, Capt Paul E. Campbell, S/Sgt Vernar A. Carlson, Capt Rufus F. Causey, 2nd Lt (303rd BG) Chambers, 2nd Lt Robert W. Christopher, 1st Lt Allan L. Cone, 2nd Lt Carl J. Cornelius, Capt Ralph M. Dempsey, Capt William W. Dolan, S/Sgt Cyraque J. Dupuis, Sgt Calvin P. Ely, T/Sgt Richard T. Forman Jr., 2nd Lt James H. H. Gentry, 1st Lt Ambrose F Goulet, Flt O Cecil W. Grisham, S/Sgt James F Grumann, 2nd Lt Carl L. Hoag Jr., 2nd Lt Walter Janeczek, Capt Felix A. Kalinski, S/Sgt Robert C. Knox, 2nd Lt Michael J. Kochel, Capt Clyde A. Lewis, 2nd Lt Max D. Moore, 1st Lt M.L. More, Sgt Peter J. Osborne, S/Sgt Edward W. Palmer, 2nd Lt Dale L. Patrick, S/Sgt Melvin L. Roberts, T/Sgt Robert E. Rowe, S/Sgt Clarence H. Seaton, Col William T. Seawell, 1st Lt Cloyd W. Sellers, Sgt John W. Settle, Lt Col Delwyn E. Silver, S/Sgt Robert E. St. Ledger, Capt Laurel A. Turk, Cpl Murray N. Vecchio, S/Sgt Angleo J. Virgona, Lt Col Burton '94 CBW' K. Voorhees, Major Ralph J. White, 1st Lt Ray F. Whitney, 1st Lt William C. Wilhelm and S/Sgt Dewey B. Wofford

Recorded Missions

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