Thompson, Harry L. - Capt

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Capt Harry L. Thompson flew 5 missions, from 11/30/1944, mission #175, to 03/18/1945, mission #231. He served as a Pilot.

Capt Thompson served with the following crewman: Cpl Otice G. Byrn Jr., 1st Lt John J. Connolly, 2nd Lt Lawrence '398' F. Crocker, S/Sgt Beattie B. Dickson, Sgt Louis L. Dreon, 2nd Lt William P. Fulgim, 1st Lt James W. Goodman, 2nd Lt William J. Hafley, S/Sgt Edmund W. Kilgore, Sgt Sterling S. Lawrence, S/Sgt Joseph G. Mitchell, 1st Lt Richard J. Petty, 2nd Lt Frank W. Ricks, Lt Col Delwyn E. Silver and S/Sgt Dorsey W. Tyree

Recorded Missions

111/30/1944 Bohlen (#175) 43-38646 Harry L. Thompson Crew #1
202/09/1945 Lutzkendorf (#205) (Unknown) Harry L. Thompson Crew #1
302/15/1945 Dresden (#208) (Unknown) Harry L. Thompson Crew #1
403/08/1945 Essen (#224) (Unknown) Harry L. Thompson Crew #1
503/18/1945 Berlin (#231) (Unknown) Harry L. Thompson Crew #1