Seeley, Duane F. - Cpl

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Cpl Duane F. Seeley flew 1 missions, from 11/09/1944, mission #169, to 11/09/1944, mission #169. He served as a Bombardier and Waist Gunner.

Cpl Seeley served with the following crewman: S/Sgt Joseph S. Allaire, S/Sgt Carl M. Allison, T/Sgt Howard E. Anderson, Flt O Max Braslawsky, S/Sgt Vernar A. Carlson, S/Sgt Morton A. Caruth, 2nd Lt Jerry A. Coats Jr., Sgt Harry L. Cole, Sgt John E. Collett, 2nd Lt Hall T. Connell Sr., Cpl Clarence P. Corwin, 2nd Lt Byran L. Cosden, 2nd Lt Ralph A. Frederick, Sgt David W. Fulton, 1st Lt Robert E. Jordan, 1st Lt Kent W. Locke, Sgt BerLyle J. Lunn, 1st Lt Milton F. Maloney, PFC Harold M. Mauldin, 2nd Lt Norman Moreau, Sgt Donald D. Patterson, S/Sgt Chestar C. Peltz, Sgt John Racick, 2nd Lt William E. Rhinehart, S/Sgt Leland H. Richey and S/Sgt Donald A. St Peter

Recorded Missions

111/09/1944 Metz (#169) 43-38125 Mary Makers Milton F. Maloney Crew #1