Walters, Donald E. - 2nd Lt

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2nd Lt Walters served with the following crewman: 2nd Lt Allen B. Ainley, T/Sgt Charles W. Beeson, Sgt Samuel W. Bragalone, T/Sgt William E. Brereton, 2nd Lt Kenneth D. Buvinghausen, 2nd Lt Raymond J. Callahan, T/Sgt Joseph A. Concino, T/Sgt Byron K. Cook, 1st Lt Thomas A. Davis, S/Sgt John G. Dunn, S/Sgt Orville A. Eudaley, 2nd Lt Russell M. Fowler, T/Sgt Robert I. Gratz, 2nd Lt William H. Green, 1st Lt Harry E. Haskett, 2nd Lt Thomas A. Hayes, 2nd Lt Lloyd G. Hoffman, 2nd Lt Stuart A. Howze Jr., Sgt William D. Hutchinson, Sgt Hinson C. Jones, T/Sgt William D. Jones, S/Sgt Thomas E. Kelly, 2nd Lt Michael J. Kochel, S/Sgt Frederick K. Kolster, Capt Bodo C. Konze, Capt Alfred G. Kossuth, S/Sgt Brenden J. Lynch, 2nd Lt William M. Mencow, 1st Lt Herbert L. Oas Jr., S/Sgt John J. Reardon, 1st Lt John W. Sinkking, 1st Lt Oliver F. Stork, 2nd Lt Harold P. Swisher, S/Sgt Joseph J. Tamburine, Cpl Murray N. Vecchio and S/Sgt Dewey B. Wofford

Recorded Missions

No Missions were found.