Vecchio, Murray N. - Cpl

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Cpl Vecchio served with the following crewman: S/Sgt Alfred E. Atchinson, 2nd Lt Kenneth D. Buvinghausen, 1st Lt Allan L. Cone, Capt Ralph M. Dempsey, Capt William W. Dolan, S/Sgt Cyraque J. Dupuis, S/Sgt Orville A. Eudaley, Sgt John E. Grenillion, 2nd Lt Gene Hashimoto, 1st Lt Harry E. Haskett, 2nd Lt Walter Janeczek, Sgt Hinson C. Jones, S/Sgt Brenden J. Lynch, S/Sgt James P. McKenna, 1st Lt M.L. More, Sgt Peter J. Osborne, S/Sgt Edward W. Palmer, 2nd Lt Dale L. Patrick, S/Sgt Melvin L. Roberts, S/Sgt Clarence H. Seaton, 1st Lt John W. Sinkking, S/Sgt Joseph J. Tamburine, 1st Lt Robert W. Tharpe, Capt Laurel A. Turk, S/Sgt A.J. Vigona, S/Sgt Angleo J. Virgona, 2nd Lt Donald E. Walters, S/Sgt Simon Wieselthier, 1st Lt William C. Wilhelm and 1st Lt Adolph K. Wolf

Recorded Missions

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