Strong, William W. - 2nd Lt[Wiki]

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2nd Lt Strong served with the following crewman: Sgt Edward W. Anderson, Major Edwin W. Brown, S/Sgt Calvin A. Carmon, Capt Edward W. Coleman, 1st Lt Walter E. Cox, Major Eric T. De Jonckheere, S/Sgt Henry H. Eggleston, 2nd Lt Russell M. Fowler, Flt O Fred M. Garton, 1st Lt Franklin V. Goetz Jr., 2nd Lt Robert L. Grilley, 2nd Lt Porter R. Ham, 2nd Lt Jim D. Hurley, Flt O Lawrence A. Istel, Sgt Willard D. Kidman, 1st Lt Horace E. Kron, 2nd Lt George R. Lewis, S/Sgt Alvin T. Lindholm, Major James B. Locher Jr., 1st Lt Russell R. Lockhart, 2nd Lt Peter D. Mackin, 2nd Lt William F. Maloney, 1st Lt William C. Mannix, 1st Lt Harry W. Meadville, 1st Lt Theodore R. Miller, S/Sgt Lawrence C. Million, T/Sgt Theodore H. Moller, S/Sgt Lloyd J. Null, S/Sgt Joseph K. Pavlisin, T/Sgt Charles E. Pyles, Sgt Harold Quist, Capt William F. Riegler, 2nd Lt Carl R. Rostrom, 2nd Lt James M. Rush, S/Sgt Otto M. Schlaegel, S/Sgt Eral W. Seeley, T/Sgt Karl W. Seely, T/Sgt Thomas R. Stokesberry, 1st Lt Eldridge K. Stout, 2nd Lt Charles Tarr Jr., T/Sgt John F. Thompson and 1st Lt Horace D. Wood

Recorded Missions

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