Amos, William J. - Sgt

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Sgt Amos served with the following crewman: Major Allison (HQ) C. Brooks, S/Sgt Robert J. Coffin Jr., Capt Joseph L. Cromer, Capt Donald A. Currie Jr., S/Sgt Martin B. Goodman, 1st Lt Morey B. Jeffery, 1st Lt Michael T. Phillips, S/Sgt John A. Punte, T/Sgt Douglas W. Stott, 1st Lt Ralph W. Trout, T/Sgt Floyd A. Truax, T/Sgt Fred J. Vescio, S/Sgt Vincent V. Villaigio, 1st Lt Jack G. Waldhoff, S/Sgt James R. Weatherman and 1st Lt Ronald Woodhouse

Recorded Missions

No Missions were found.