Van Syckle, Leon G. - 2nd Lt

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2nd Lt Leon G. Van Syckle flew 3 missions, from 01/05/1944, mission #12, to 01/29/1944, mission #17. He served as a Pilot.

2nd Lt Van Syckle served with the following crewman: Sgt Charles H. Duke, S/Sgt Joseph J. Glonek, 2nd Lt Stanley T. Groski, Sgt Donald Lamb, 2nd Lt Richard L. Monfort, Sgt Albert Paganelli, Sgt Raymond A. Rask, Sgt Ralph C. Roberts and 2nd Lt Mitchell K. Woods

Recorded Missions

101/05/1944 Tours (#12) 42-39904 Bad Penny Leon G. Van Syckle Crew #1
201/21/1944 Notre Dame de Ferme (#16) 42-31414 Leon G. Van Syckle Crew #1
301/29/1944 Frankfurt (#17) 42-38012 Leon G. Van Syckle Crew #1