Wolliver, Irving - 1st Lt

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1st Lt Wolliver served with the following crewman: Sgt Merle E. Barnes, 2nd Lt Richard S. Barnett, Sgt Peter Beckowitz, 2nd Lt James B. Boggs, S/Sgt Harry G. Bower, Sgt Leo C. Cass, Sgt Victor D'Agostino, Pvt Mahlon W. Desso, 2nd Lt Unk k Hennessy, S/Sgt Adolphus K. Hutchison, 1st Lt Walter B. Keith, 2nd Lt George R. Lewis, Sgt Arthur P. Mahler, Sgt John R. Moultrie, Sgt William L. Patterson Jr., 2nd Lt Robert J. Rocco, Sgt Thomas H. Smith, 2nd Lt Sullivan N. Tonti, 2nd Lt Morman Weiss and S/Sgt James E. Wells

Recorded Missions

No Missions were found.