Dunne, Patrick E. - Sgt

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Sgt Patrick E. Dunne flew 6 missions, from 08/25/1944, mission #133, to 09/11/1944, mission #142. He served as a Waist Gunner.

Sgt Dunne served with the following crewman: Sgt Donald A. Cloutier, 2nd Lt Herbert I. Corwin, 2nd Lt Spere Kapelas, 2nd Lt H. Kazorewski, Sgt Peter P. Keryran Jr., S/Sgt Wallace G. Litterell, 1st Lt Charles F. Meredith, 2nd Lt Morris M. Mohler, 2nd Lt Alan H. Newcomb and S/Sgt Max D. Stedman

Recorded Missions

108/25/1944 Peenemunde (#133) 42-31662 Fancy Nancy IV Morris M. Mohler Crew #1
208/26/1944 Terte/La Louvierre (#135) 42-102393 Diana Queen of the Chase Morris M. Mohler Crew #1
308/27/1944 Berlin (Recall) (#136) 42-107039 Ice Cold Katy Morris M. Mohler Crew #1
408/30/1944 Coubronne (#137) 42-97938 Twan-n-g-g-g Morris M. Mohler Crew #1
509/10/1944 Gaggenau (#141) 43-37628 Heavenly Body Morris M. Mohler Crew #1
609/11/1944 Merseburg (#142) 42-102957 Fearless Fosdick Morris M. Mohler Crew #1