Howard, Robert W. - 2nd Lt

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2nd Lt Howard served with the following crewman: 2nd Lt Charles W. Bryant, 1st Lt Bernhardt F. Carns, S/Sgt Arnold H. Carpenter, Capt Gerald F. Carter, Capt Donald A. Currie Jr., Sgt Robert C. Detweiler, 1st Lt James Di Gianni, S/Sgt Charles J. Dusenberry, Sgt James E. Fahnestock, 1st Lt Donald F. Frazier, T/Sgt William P Fuston, S/Sgt Carlton F. Giese, S/Sgt Morris C. Harp, T/Sgt Gerald F. Hereford, T/Sgt Richard L. Hester, 2nd Lt James R. Hobgood, 2nd Lt James R. Irwin, 1st Lt Morey B. Jeffery, 1st Lt Delbert B. Ligon, 1st Lt John L. Malone, Major Jere W. Maupin, Sgt Arch J. McCabe, 1st Lt Marion E. McClendon, Major Donald G. McCree, 1st Lt Harry W. Meadville, T/Sgt Russell C. Patterson, S/Sgt James D. Pepper, Lt Col Harris E. Rogner, Col William T. Seawell, 2nd Lt Aaron Shapiro, 2nd Lt William I. Stein, Sgt Victor P. Street, 1st Lt Walter W. Thorne, T/Sgt Fred J. Vescio, 1st Lt Martin J. Wiegler, 1st Lt Glenn R. Williams and 1st Lt Roy R. Winn

Recorded Missions

No Missions were found.