Woodhouse, Ronald - 1st Lt

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1st Lt Woodhouse served with the following crewman: Sgt William J. Amos, Major Allison (HQ) C. Brooks, 1st Lt Bernhardt F. Carns, Capt Donald A. Currie Jr., 1st Lt James Di Gianni, S/Sgt Charles J. Dusenberry, S/Sgt Elroy Edmonds, S/Sgt Thomas J. Formalaire Jr., Capt Walter E. Haberer, 2nd Lt Charles J. Hanford Jr., 2nd Lt Edward L. Harris, 1st Lt Elliott S. Harris, T/Sgt Richard L. Hester, 1st Lt Morey B. Jeffery, T/Sgt Charles C. Kirkman, 1st Lt Robert W. Marshall, Major Jere W. Maupin, Capt Richard D. McCord, Major Donald G. McCree, Capt John R. McMurray, S/Sgt Pierre V. Peyreigne, S/Sgt John A. Punte, 1st Lt Robert O. Ramsey, T/Sgt ZD D. Strickland, T/Sgt Floyd A. Truax, T/Sgt Fred J. Vescio, S/Sgt W.H. Weatherbee, S/Sgt James R. Weatherman and Cpl Robert P. Weigel

Recorded Missions

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