Smith, Malcolm F. - Sgt

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Sgt Smith served with the following crewman: S/Sgt Russell E. Bilyeu, 2nd Lt Wilber C. Bright, S/Sgt Clarence L. Campbell, S/Sgt William L. Carpenter, 1st Lt Ted D. Carroll, Sgt John E. Collett, 2nd Lt Edward L. Dobrowolski, Sgt Robert T. Eckeurode, Sgt Rodney W. Edwards, T/Sgt Charles K. Fidler, S/Sgt Howard J. Frohman, S/Sgt Andrew J. Hayden, 2nd Lt Wesley H. Helm, 2nd Lt James R. Howell, S/Sgt Octavio Huerta, 2nd Lt Daniel Kahan, 2nd Lt Paul F. Kaiser, S/Sgt Daniel M. Killian, 2nd Lt Paul R. Koons, 1st Lt George L. La Fevor, S/Sgt Arnold J. Levenberger, S/Sgt Thomas G. McNinn, S/Sgt Joseph G. Mitchell, T/Sgt Jack R. Moll, T/Sgt Robert H. Ockerman, 2nd Lt Melvin C. O'Hern, Flt O Virgel W. Price, T/Sgt James R. Russell, 2nd Lt James M. Schneider, S/Sgt Charles E. Shane, S/Sgt Leland Stanford and Flt O Paul F. Wittman

Recorded Missions

No Missions were found.