Meschke, Robert E. - Sgt

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Sgt Meschke served with the following crewman: 2nd Lt Clayton R. Budd, Sgt John B. Dalton, Flt O Walter E. Drake, T/Sgt Richard T. Forman Jr., 1st Lt Donald F. Frazier, Sgt Thomas P. Guilfoy, Sgt John W. Hanchak, S/Sgt James B. Hill, 2nd Lt Theron S. Horton, 1st Lt John H. Jardine, S/Sgt John J. Jordan, Capt Charles W. Keeling, S/Sgt Lloyd C. Kenagy, T/Sgt Marvin E. Luchfeld, S/Sgt Waverly W. Moore, S/Sgt Albert L. Pico, T/Sgt Maurice G. Priest, 2nd Lt James M. Rush, 1st Lt William M. Scanlon, 2nd Lt William A. Shackleford, 2nd Lt George R. Shullo, S/Sgt Richard Truxell and 1st Lt Irving Woliver

Recorded Missions

No Missions were found.