Roberson, Robert E. - S/Sgt[Wiki]

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S/Sgt Roberson served with the following crewman: 1st Lt Herman A. Dobbratz, Sgt James Fogleman, S/Sgt Harold T. Godfrey, S/Sgt Herbert l. Gunmelt, S/Sgt Leslie H. Lanier, T/Sgt Wallace R. Lymburn, 1st Lt Matt Maharick, S/Sgt Henry M. Miszko, Sgt William F. Moore, Sgt George L. Moulton, S/Sgt Isaac C. Rapez, T/Sgt Willis H. Reed Jr., 2nd Lt Wendell W. Robertson, 2nd Lt Ronald E. Rowley, 1st Lt Walter H. Thomason Jr., Sgt Mendell R. Webb and 1st Lt Richard B. Wright

Recorded Missions

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