Hathaway, Walter - S/Sgt

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S/Sgt Walter Hathaway flew 1 missions, from 12/24/1943, mission #8, to 12/24/1943, mission #8. He served as a Right Waist Gunner.

S/Sgt Hathaway served with the following crewman: S/Sgt Harold C. Brown, T/Sgt Tory L. Campbell, Capt Frank M. Deville Jr., Major Ivan W. Eveland, S/Sgt Glenn W. Graves, 2nd Lt James B. Harding, T/Sgt Joseph Mehalshick and S/Sgt William J. Orphan

Recorded Missions

112/24/1943 Gorenflos (#8) 42-31089 Carolyne Ivan W. Eveland Crew #1