Lech, Joseph M. - T/Sgt

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T/Sgt Joseph M. Lech flew 1 missions, from 09/10/1944, mission #141, to 09/10/1944, mission #141. He served as a Radio Operator.

T/Sgt Lech served with the following crewman: 2nd Lt Allen B. Ainley, Sgt John L. Biddle, S/Sgt Melvin H. Crawford, 1st Lt William M. Eaton, 2nd Lt Dale A. Eckers, 1st Lt Joseph E. Ferdyn, Flt O James S. Glidewell, T/Sgt Leo H. Griffith, Major James B. Locher Jr., 2nd Lt Oscar R. McMahan, 1st Lt Louise A. Mitchell, S/Sgt Julian Pasillas, T/Sgt Alexander J. Pedgarney, Capt Julius Pickoff, S/Sgt Theodore H. Schappert, S/Sgt David G. Steele, S/Sgt Bernard D. Weinstein, S/Sgt Dewey B. Wofford and 2nd Lt William B. Woodward

Recorded Missions

109/10/1944 Gaggenau (#141) 44-6310 Rocky Lois William B. Woodward Crew #1