Gross, Eugene P. - 2nd Lt

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2nd Lt Eugene P. Gross flew 5 missions, from 12/27/1944, mission #184, to 01/01/1945, mission #189. He served as a Navigator.

2nd Lt Gross served with the following crewman: Sgt Alex Bache, S/Sgt Richard E. Baker, Sgt Charles E, Heaton, T/Sgt Marvin Luchfeld, 2nd Lt E.C. McGee, S/Sgt Lewis J. Piccirillo, 1st Lt Kaye M. Spansel and S/Sgt Aloysius E. Wagner

Recorded Missions

112/27/1944 Gerolstein (#184) 43-38565 Miss Gee Eyewanna Go Home Kaye M. Spansel Crew #1
212/28/1944 Rheinbach (#185) 43-38125 Mary Makers Kaye M. Spansel Crew #1
312/29/1944 Bingen (#186) 42-31983 Mary Alice Kaye M. Spansel Crew #1
412/30/1944 Kaiserslautern (#187) 42-102468 The Farmer's Daughter Kaye M. Spansel Crew #1
501/01/1945 Kassel (#189) 42-31485 Old Ironsides Kaye M. Spansel Crew #1