Gould, George - Capt

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Capt George Gould flew 1 missions, from 04/29/1944, mission #60, to 04/29/1944, mission #60. He served as a Copilot, Pilot and TG Observer.

Capt Gould served with the following crewman: S/Sgt James E. Beller, Col Harold W. Bowman, S/Sgt Roland J. Breen, Capt Rufus F. Causey, S/Sgt David E. Clare, Sgt John A. Cumpson, Capt William W. Dolan, S/Sgt Battista J. Fatica, Sgt George F. Gould, S/Sgt Russell W. Johnson, T/Sgt Gerald M. Kenny, S/Sgt Phil N. Knapp, S/Sgt Ernest H. Koon, Capt Arnold C. Kuenning, 2nd Lt Frank Linc, 2nd Lt Robert F. Lotz, Lt Col Unk Luper, Sgt James H. McGaha, T/Sgt William McIntyre, Sgt Ralph W. Meeks, S/Sgt Raymond G. Mehlmann, S/Sgt Frank A. Merlino, 1st Lt Louise A. Mitchell, S/Sgt Jack D. Nonemaker, S/Sgt Hugh D. Reddy, Col William T. Seawell, Capt Lloyd W. Sellers, S/Sgt William H. Sweepe, Sgt William A. Tosh, 2nd Lt Jay A. Wade, S/Sgt Charles R. Warlow, Major Ralph J. White and S/Sgt Harold S. Zander

Recorded Missions

104/29/1944 Berlin (#60) 42-31521 Badland Bat George Gould Crew #1